Orest Xherija (Ορέστ Τζερίγια)
NLP researcher at The University of Chicago

I am a fifth year post-graduate student in the Department of Linguistics of The University of Chicago. I work in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and I am interested in applying techniques from machine learning to better understand meaning phenomena at scale. I completed my undergraduate degree in Mathematics at The University of Chicago.

Areas of interest

  • natural language understanding (esp. inference)
  • deep learning for fine-grained text classification
  • representation learning for textual data


  • I will be attending the EMNLP conference in Brussels, Belgium. I will be presenting the system that I submitted to the Shared Task of the Social Media Mining for Health Applications (SMM4H) Workshop. The system obtained 1st place in Subtask 2 with an overwhelming margin. The short paper and code are publicly available.